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D.K. Neely & Associates

D.K. Neely & Associates


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In business since 1988, we specialize in providing tailored in-house processes for our clients. Our current focus is on the crucial topics of Employee Engagement and Emotional Intelligence. We also have considerable expertise in the areas of Effective Presentations, Communication, Leadership Development, Sales and Customer Service to name a few. Dave Neely, the president, attended Royal Military College, and has a B.A. in Psychology from Queen’s University. He spent 18 years with IBM Canada in the Customer Service and Education Divisions. As an organization, we are in the business of providing customized processes designed to help individuals and teams to maximize their performance – we can help you! Dave has a unique ability to combine his academic and work experience with a pragmatic approach. His energy and boundless enthusiasm make Dave a popular facilitator for a wide variety of clients. All of our offerings can be easily customized and many can be converted to an internal ‘train the trainer’ process. NEW WORKSHOPS - Improving Mental Well-Being More info at website 1. Human Resources Toolbox for Managers and Supervisors - This session will help you recognize the importance of being a more positive role model and lead to a more engaged and productive team. 2. Coping with Stress in a New Workplace Dave will share many experiences in dealing with life today and his proven Emotional Intelligence strategies for staying positive no matter what life hands you. 3. Dealing with Difficult People in Today’s Environment In today’s challenging work environment most people are under a lot of stress and not at their best. This session will help you to deal with negative stressors and aggressive behaviour of Customers, Colleagues and others. It is ideal for all levels in your organization not just leaders. 4. Improving Caring Customer Service In these stressful times, providing caring customer service is an essential survival skill for many service-based organizations.”

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